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Ayden’s Army of Angels is a small foundation that is trying to make a big difference. To request Services please complete our contact form attaching your request in the comments box. Some of our initial services that will be offered are:

Ayden is often persuaded to take his shots and port accesses by offering him a Character Band Aide of his choice. This is a small reward for a very big deed. Often times the hospitals run out of character Band Aids to offer the children taking away the pleasant part of the process. Ayden’s Army of Angels see’s the importance in having plenty of Band Aids to help these little heroes get through treatment. We provide Character Band Aids to Hospitals and Clinics upon request from a Child Life Specialist or Social Worker.

Parent Snack Bags
Our Parent Snack Bags are designed with the cancer patients in mind, filled with snacks that helped Ayden through his long Chemotherapy sessions. Often times parents sit in the infusion center from 6-10 hours, its hard to leave the clinic to get food, and it is also expensive. There were often times i sat with Ayden and didn’t have enough money to eat, so we wanted to make sure that parents have alternative options for food is they are unable to purchase hospital food or leave their child alone to get food. We provide Parent Snack Bags to Hospitals and Clinics upon request from a Child Life Specialist or Social Worker.

Ayden started Chemotherapy at 13 months. Before the nurses can begin to give Ayden his Chemotherapy they have to first make sure he is hydrated. So they pump the kids up with fluids, causing them to run through quit a few diapers. So Ayden’s Army wants to make sure that each child is able to have an extra diaper if they have ran through all the diapers that they brought with them. We provide Diapers to Hospitals and Clinics upon request from a Child Life Specialist or Social Worker.

Date Night Packages
Date night Packages will offer families the opportunity to enjoy outings together without worrying about the cost. We will be partnering with businesses in our community to provide each family with a meal and an activity. Date night packages can be used for Husband and Wives, Parent and Warriors, Parents and Healthy Sibling, or even a Dads Night Out, or a Mom’s Night Out. We would need a fillable form to have families request a Date Night Package.

Gym Passes
We will be partnering with our local gyms to provide free gym passes and kids club memberships to all parents who’s child is currently in treatment.

Financial Assistance
We will providing financial resources to families that are currently in treatment.

Family Events and Mother Gatherings
We will host a variety of events to bring fun and resources to families in the Las Vegas Valley.

As our funding increases we plan on offering many more services and events to patients and their families.

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PO Box 20113, Las Vegas, NV 89112