Breakfast with Santa 

Celebrating every Christmas like it may be our last.

One of Ayden's favorite times of the year was Christmas time. For Ayden, he only celebrated 3 Christmas's, so as his mother I wanted to make every second unforgettable for him. Due to his treatment, I was unable to work, so it was very hard to fulfill his Christmas wishes, but each year with faith I created amazing Christmas celebrations for Ayden. When Ayden passed away on November 3, 2017, I was forced to celebrate my first Christmas without him.  I was beyond heartbroken, ad this is when I created "Breakfast with Santa". Just weeks after losing Ayden, I threw our first Foundation Christmas Party. I took the same concept on "Celebrating every Christmas like it was our Last" and applied it to the families of Ayden's Army of Angels. We do not only shop for the fighter, but for everyone in their immediate family, leaving no one out. At AAOA we know the financial hardships that Cancer families face, and we believe in Christmas should not be forgotten because of treatment. For one day our families do not worry about treatment, bills, or how long ou fighters we, instead we build memories that can never be taken away, we grant wishes, and we spend a day realizing how special and irreplaceable family is. Each year 20 families are invited to Breakfast with Santa to experience Christmas "Ayden Style". 

We are excited to announce our 2020 Breakfast with Santa Sponsor, CEO and Founder of Warrior Strong Wellness, Mary Riccardi!! With the help of Warrior Strong Wellness, and Warrior Strong Lifestyle, we will bring the Cancer Families in Nevada and Unforgettable Christmas!! As a Angel Mom, Mary Riccardi knows how difficult treatment can be, and how much these special moments mean to them all. Thank you for your endless love and support! 

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