AAOA, Inc. Raffle Rules:

1. You must claim your prize within 7 days of you winning has been announced. If you don’t claim your prize within 7 days then you automatically forfeit your raffle prize and AAOA, Inc. will re-raffle the prize off.

To claim your raffle prize you must verify your address by emailing
info@aydensarmyofangels.org, or direct messaging AAOA’s Instagram or Facebook account.

There are no limits on how many raffle tickets you can purchase.

There are no limits on how many times you can win raffle prizes.

Every winner will not only receive their raffle prize but also an AAOA t-shirt (when available).

If you win a raffle prize we require you to do a thank you video to Lindsey and AAOA in our t-shirt we send you with your prize you have received and upload it to social media and tag AAOA in it and email it to
info@aydensarmyofangels.org within 5 days of receiving your prize as a thank you and testimony that you received your prize.

Raffles END on Saturday's AT 10AM pst.


 1st Prize: Series 1 Apple Watch

Always $5 per entry!!

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Joy Calhoun - Playstation 4 (claimed)
Aubrey Davis - HP Laptop (claimed)
Andria Marie - 2 AMC black tickets with 2 large popcorns and sodas! (claimed)
Amber Hamilton - 2 Disney tickets (claimed)
Darlene Nicholson - 5 tickets to Magic Mountain (claimed)
2 Disney tickets - Sandi Kirk (Donated back)
HP Laptop - Jay Calhoun (claimed)
2 Disney Tickets - Alexis Bell (claimed)
Nintendo DS - Valerie Kelley (claimed)
Kendra Scott - Laraycha Diaz (claimed)
Playstation Raffle - Alexis Bell (claimed)
2 Disney tickets - Alexis Bell (claimed)
2 Tickets to LV Lights Soccer - Christina Arief (claimed)
Xbox Raffle #3 - Services Unlimited (claimed)
Xbox - Abby Vandewalle - Abby donated the Xbox back raising $725 for the foundation (donated back)
Disney Winner- Darlene Nicholson (Claimed)
Beats By Dre - Rowena( Claimed)
Hp Laptop - Bonnie Gibson (Claimed)
Hp Laptop- Justine Melbourne (Claimed)
Hp Laptop- Eduardo Salantes (Claimed)
AMC Black Tickets- Brandy Perry (Unclaimed)
Xbox 360- Trinity Williams (Claimed)
Hp Laptop - Imani Mayer (unclaimed)
Hp Laptop- Bobbylee Leary (Claimed)
Nintendo DS- Kristin Hopkins (Claimed)