This is a call to action to every WOMAN around the world, we are taking back our roles that god intended us to have.

  • We have the right to know every medical decision being made for our children, and we have the right to choose what goes in their bodies and we are making a commitment to ask for every ingredient in that medication.
  • We as mothers are supporting the STAR ACT and will sign the petition to pass it through the US Senate. 
  • We want a State of the art Children’s Hospital in every State or Effective resources for housing when relocated.
  • We want a hospital advocate for every serious illness at diagnosis
  • We want the right to make all medical decisions for our children without any information being withheld from us.
  • We as mothers are taking control of our homes and bringing god back into our lives and the lives of our children.
  • We as mothers will devote one day a week to eating a home cooked meal as a family at the dinner table. With no cell phones, or media of any kind.
  • If the NCI will not fund more than 4% we as mothers will raise the money ourselves and fund real research for our children.
  • We as women promise to encourage the women around us and uplift them with prayer, rather than put each other down and compete for meaningless things.
  • We as women will not teach nor allow our children to learn or practice hate
  • As a mother I am making a commitment to talk to my children and know what they are doing at all times
  • As a mother I am making a commitment to watch over all children and not just my own
  • As a mother I will exude love and compassion to those who seem to want it the least
  • As a woman I am taking back my social responsibility, by working together as women we will begin changing first our home, then our community, until we as women begin to change the world.

God designed women with gifts beyond explanation. Every serial killer, every thief, every person on earth, first gift of life was their mother. God did this to show each child unconditional love and support, to give them to the one person who would protect them with their life and open every door possible for them. We as women have to go back to making family our priority. Our children are dying for love, compassion and guidance. I challenge you all to join the #WeAreMomStrong movement. Where women encouraged and support women, a movement where no mother will fight alone. Being part of #WeAreMomStrong is accepting social responsibility in your area. If you know a family struggling, find a way to bring your community together to help. If your state lacks resources unite as a #WeAreMomStrong unit and demand change, follow the laws to change the laws. You cannot complain about the way our society has become if you are unwilling to stand up and stand for something, until we do, our children will continue to die, our homes will continue to crumble and soon our families will seize to exist. Today will mark 6 months since the loss of my sweet Ayden, but today will also mark the day Women stood up and took back control of our children, our homes, and our future.

Welcome to the #WeAreMomStrong Movement

To join our movement log onto www.wearemomstrong.org sign the STAR ACT Petition, and purchase your #WeAreMomStrong shirt, then post your video of you taking a stand.