Healing in paradise 

Ayden's Army of Angels
Angel Parent retreat
next retreat July 23-29, 2023

Losing a child is an unbearable loss that often leaves parents alone and broken. There is no one who can understand the pain of child loss, like another parent who has also lost a child. Ayden's Army knows the importance of having support and creating new memories outside of funerals, and treatment. We have achieved this through programs such as our Angel Gala, Parent Support Groups, Grief Programs, and now the Angel Parent Retreat. After completing the 8-week GRM program, Angel Parents spend a week in Paradise, this is where the healing begins. Angel Parents take the ultimate journey through healing, while exploring the island of Jamaica. They are submerged in nature as they discover the island and create new and positive memories with other parents who have also lost a child. Parents are introduced to the art of meditation, organic eating, Yoga, and a culture of "No Worries", learning to live every moment for their Angel.