AAOA Childhood Cancer Programs 


Ayden Bucks

Parents shouldn't starve in the 

Many hospitals around the United States do not offer free food to families who are hospitalized. Many Pediatric Cancer Parents spend very long stays in the hospital, and many of these parents are now unemployed. AAOA understands the struggles that Cancer Families face everyday, so through our Ayden Bucks Program we solve the problem of eating while in the hospital. Parents simply ask their Child Life Specialist for "Ayden Bucks" this will give them a voucher to take down to the hospital cafeteria to eat anything they would like up to $10. Currently, this program is being piloted at Summerlin Hospital in Las Vegas, NV, where we have found it to be a great success. If you would like to bring Ayden Bucks to your local hospital, please email


Cooper's Comfort Cooler

In Memory of Coop Ricciardi 

Cooper's Comfort Cooler program is available to our Pediatric Cancer families who have just received their Child's Cancer Diagnosis. Our Cooler allows families to bring cold, healthy foods into the hospital, to ensure their fighter builds their immune system naturally through healthy foods. We also fill the Cooler with items to prepare the families for treatment, resources guides, and just some fun items to keep our fighters smiling. Our Cooper's Comfort Cooler also comes with a diagnosis grant, to aid parents with missed work due to their child's diagnosis. Grants are based on the availability of funding. 

AAOA Grant Programs

Grants are issued for the following based on available funding:

Car Repairs
Emergency Funding
Uncovered Medical Expenses/Equipment 
Uncovered Travel for Treatment
Last Wishes

Application Guidelines:


• The parent applying for assistance must be a single parent or have only one working parent to qualify for assistance.

• The diagnosed child must currently be in treatment and under the age of 18 to receive assistance.

• This program does NOT approve applications on a first-come, first-served basis. All requests will be reviewed individually and considered for funding after each monthly deadline.

• Copies of all bills and rental payments must be submitted with application prior to review. No checks will be issued to anyone expect the Merchant on the utility or rent payment. 

• A brief narrative describing the child's condition and the families need must be included and written by the social worker, child life specialist, or hospital personnel.

• Social Worker will be notified of approval or denial

• If the check is not cashed in 60 days of printing date, Ayden's Army of Angels has the right to cancel the check.

*We will only assist a family who has COMPLETED a Application, we handle no request via Social Media*

AAOA After Care Programs
Childhood Cancer Only

Rental Grants 
Angel families can apply for rental assistance for up to 3 months after the passing of your child. This program is open to all families in the United States.


Grief Recovery Program 
AAOA provides Grief Recovery for all Angel Parents at no cost. We have 3 Instructors, Lindsey Licari, Joel Ojeda, or Nicole Duran. This is a 8 week program available online, or in person, in group or individual sessions. 


Angel Retreat
July 21-28, 2022
Angel Parents who have completed the GRM Program, are able to sign up to attend our Angel Retreat in Ochi Rios, Jamaica. Find healing, while engulfing yourself in Nature, and the beautiful waters of the Caribbean. Connect with other Angel parents to find comfort in each other. Each Parent must provide their own passport. (10 Spaces Available)

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AAOA Sickle Cell Programs

Sickle Cell Transportation Program 

AAOA Sickle Cell Transportation Program was developed due to the increasing amount of fighters missing treatment due to their lack of transportation. Causing our fighters to have more hospitalizations, and parents missing more work. Now, Sickle Cell families are able to schedule ride request to get them to and from the clinic, hospital, or infusion center. AAOA also knows how important nutrition is to fighting Sickle Cell so we also enable families to request rides to their local grocery stores once a month. All ride request must be submitted 48hrs in advance. All rides are scheduled through Uber Health, so two missed rides will deactivate your access to rides for that month. Ayden's Army of Angels also partners with Recycle Rides Program and Charity Cars to provide families with Permenant solutions to their transportation issues. Currently, this program is offered in the state of Nevada. If you would like to be added to the waitlist for available cars, please email if you would like to donate a car for a family please contact  

Sickle Cell Work REIMBURSEMENT Program

AAOA Sickle Cell Work Reimbursement Program is available to all Sickle Cell Parents who work full time. To qualify you must be a single parent or a home with only one working parent. The working parent must be out of PTO, Vacation, and Sick days. Missed work must be due to your Sickle Cell child's hospitalization, and be verified by your social worker. AAOA will then reimburse one parent for missed work at their rate of pay. Maximum of 20 hrs, in a one year period.