How Art Can Transform The Internet

HELP ME MAKE MORE VIDEOS: TUMBLR: TWITTER: Email me here: SOURCES: Leon Neyfakh, “The Botmaker Who Sees Through The Internet” (via The Boston Globe) 2014 Darius Kazemi's GitHub Page: Leonardo Flores's "I Love E-Poetry" Blog is a great resource: Leonardo Flores, “‘Kenosha Kid (@YouNeverDidThe)’ by Darius Kazemi” (via 2014 Kyle Chayka “The Greatest Digital Artists of the 21st Century” (via COMPLEX) 2015 James Bridle: A new aesthetic for the digital age (via TED & YouTube) 2012 Superscript 2015 Keynote: James Bridle (via Superscript & YouTube) 2015 James Bridle: Living in the Electromagnetic Spectrum (via re:publica & YouTube) 2015 FEATURED ART: Darius Kazemi's Last Word: Darius Kazemi's full list of work: Greg Petchvosky's Sandstone Lego: ADDIE WAGENKNECHT Turning The Internet Into An Art Gallery | Rafaël Rozendaal James George's Clouds Casey Raes JODI Interview w/ street artist Pixel: Kari Altman: MUSIC:

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